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September 22, 2000

Seeing double

Globe and Mail Update

Sydney, Australia — Canadian divers Edmonton's Eryn Bulmer and Vancouver's Blythe Hartley finished out of the medals in the new synchronized three-metre diving event. But head coach Mitch Geller felt it was a good warm-up for the individual events.

This is the first Olympic Games that synchronized diving has been on the program. It requires two divers to perform identical dives from the 10-metre platform. The teams are scored on form and how well they duplicate each other's motions.

The event was won by the Russian pair of Vera Ilina and Ioulia Pakhalina with a final tally of 332.64. China's team of Fu Mingxia and Guo Jingjing took silver with a score of 321.60. The bronze went to the Ukraine's Ganna Sorokina and Olena Zhupina (290.34)

Bulmer, who has won 10 national titles and has been one of this country's top divers the last four years, and Hartley, a relative newcomer, finished fifth (279.00) behind Australians Chantelle Michell and Loudy Tourky who scored 283.05.

"The team is not known until we after the divers have been selected at the (Olympic) trials," Geller said. "They have only been practicing together since June. The good thing here is that they get to do this before their (individual) events and get used things here."

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