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Gender Equity and the Olympic Games

Nolden never doubted herself
For two months, Shauna Nolden heard she didn't belong on the Canadian Olympic swimming team coaching staff. The 27-year-old Torontonian's sentiment was validated last weekend when a three-person committee reappointed her to the staff. -  August 11, 2000

Political appointment still rankles Tanner
Olympic swimmer Elaine Tanner gets this awful feeling in the pit of her stomach whenever she hears of the controversy surrounding the appointment of female coach Shauna Nolden to the Olympic team. - August 7, 2000

Nolden confident she will keep position
Although her appointment as a coach for Canadian Olympic swim team has been voided, Shauna Nolden is confident she'll be returned to the position when a new selection committee makes its decision. - July 27, 2000
Swim coach to fight for job
Swimming Canada has returned to square one to determine its first female Olympic coach, but feisty Shauna Nolden, the original selection, remains on the pool deck and is still training swimmers destined for the 2000 Games at Sydney, Australia. - July 27, 2000

Waterpolo women allowed 13 players
The International Olympic Committee finally rendered its decision to allow 13 players per team in the women's water polo tournament at the Sydney Games. Thirteen is the number players allowed per team in the men's Olympic tournament. The women, who had to fight hard to be admitted into the Olympic family, also had to battle for Olympic fairness in their own sport. - June 18, 2000

Coaches ask for Nolden's removal
The Canadian Swimming Coaches Association has demanded that the COA suspend Shauna Nolden's appointment as Canada's first female swimming coach at the Summer Olympics until a new selection process is developed. A COA official said yesterday the request, in the form of a letter, is very unusual. (Globe and Mail) - June 17, 2000
Appointment of swim coach makes waves
The appointment of Canada's first female Olympic swim coach began as an affirmative-action move, a positive exercise in political correctness. But within a week it has sunk the tradition-bound sport deep into a pool of controversy and name-calling over whether head coach Dave Johnson of Calgary overlooked highly qualified senior coaches and flouted selection criteria to appoint 26-year-old Toronto Torch coach Shauna Nolden. (Globe and Mail) - June 10, 2000

Gender Testing is Passť
A woman will not have to prove she is a woman to compete in the Sydney Olympic Games this summer.

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