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Profiles of Canadian Women Athletes

On a Friday night in September, Sharon Donnelly will finally finish her long Olympic quest
Thirty-nine days from now, the competition at the first Summer Olympics of the new millennium will begin with some of the world's finest female athletes churning through the waters of Sydney Harbour, swimming their way toward a golden goal. Sharon Donnelly will be among them. - August 6, 2000

Tattoo tells a tale- Limpert proud to bear the traditional maple leaf mark
While getting a red maple leaf tattoo is common for members of Canadian national teams, it's particularly appropriate for Marianne Limpert. - August 6, 2000

Triathlete Montgomery recovers remarkably from artery blockage
Sometimes when she thinks about it, Carol Montgomery feels overwhelmed. At 34, she's on the brink of competing in her first Olympic Games. You would think that would be enough to make anybody's heart flutter. (Globe and Mail) - July 8, 2000

Donnelly wants to make amends
Sharon Donnelly knows what it's like to hit the high point of her triathlon career in her home country. But she also knows what it's like to skid to the lowest point faster than you can say "wet suit." - July 7, 2000
Swimming rivalry is good
Joanne Malar and Marianne Limpert have determined that what they have is a rivalry, not a feud. Two of Canada's top medal hopes in the Olympic pool -- and two of the top individual medley swimmers in the world -- say their energies will be better used to push each other toward the podium in Sydney, not off it. (Globe and Mail) - June 1, 2000
Profile of swimmer Joanne Malar
Joanne Malar admits that the excitement of qualifying in August of 1999, with the Olympics over a year away, is tough to sustain. "To get that awesome time at the Pan Ams with the Olympics still so far in the future was, in a way, difficult for me," Malar said. (Globe and Mail) - May 27, 2000


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