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Special Stories

Australia's most popular song prompts some troubling questions
'Who is this Matilda? And how is waltzing with her going to help the jolly swagman?' Waltzing Matilda is so popular it was performed at the opening ceremonies of the Sydney Olympics before the Australian national anthem was played. Why is it such an icon down under?-September 22, 2000
Opening Ceremonies celebrate women and the Olympics
The Olympic flame was carried through the stadium by a relay of the Australia's   great female Olympians of the past, then handed off to Cathy Freeman, one of its great hopes for gold this year in the 400 meters.  The choice of Freeman, a champion of aboriginal rights, also was a symbol of the country's efforts to heal the wounds over the treatment of its 390,000 indigenous people. - September 15, 2000
Canadian soccer referee chosen for Olympics
Sonia Denoncourt recently learned she's been selected to referee at this year's Sydney Olympics women's soccer tournament. She'll be working her second Games, one of just eight women referees, and she's the only Canadian, male or female, on the Sydney roster prepared by FIFA, soccer's world governing body. (Montreal Gazette) - April 15, 2000
Auch to try for cycling team
Susan Auch, CAAWS Board member and two-time Olympic silver medallist on the ice-packed oval, will try to pedal her way to a berth at this September's Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia on the action-packed velodrome.   She wants to compete in sprint cycling.  "It's not like I come to this out of the blue," said the 33-year-old Auch, "I'm cycling all summer during the skating off-season anyway. All the skaters do. (Winnipeg Sun) - April 13, 2000

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