Following Canadian Women to
Salt Lake City

Gender Testing is Passé
During the Summer Games in Sydney, a woman did not have to prove she was a woman to compete in the Olympics. Responding to the growing number of concerns, the IOC finally decided to take action. On June 17, 1999 the IOC Session agreed "to refrain, on an experimental basis, from performing gender tests at the 2000 Games in Sydney." This ruling means that, unless there are strong doubts concerning the gender of a woman, gender testing will not be conducted at the Olympics.

Bobsleigh - Enjoying the tough sledding
Women's bobsleigh makes its first appearance as an Olympic medal sport next winter at Salt Lake City and when it gets under the media microscope, it promises to rival figure skating as a glamour event for women.This is not a sport of whirling, skinny pixies in frills, such as Tara Lipinski. In the days when elite sport seems to be dominated by teens and multimillionaire draft picks, bobsleigh stands out as a sport for adults. - December 16, 2001

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