Following Canadian Women to
Salt Lake City

History of Paralympic Alpine Skiing
People began strapping skis to their feet as far back as 5,000 years ago. It is believed that Norwegians were the first -- they used skis as a way of hunting across snow-covered terrain. From Norway, skiing expanded throughout Scandinavia and Russia as a mode of winter transportation and eventually as a sport similar to cross-country skiing.

Women's Hockey History
While women's hockey might seem to be a relatively recent phenomenon, its history actually stretches back into the late-19th century, and until the Second World War, was considered a sport for both sexes. Since the resurgence of the women's game in the 1980's, the game's recent history has been largely a story of just two countries - the United States and Canada.

Olympic History
Read about some of our great olympians from from 1946 to 1998.

Salt Lake City: "The right place"
What makes it "the right place" to host the Winter Games? One of the reasons is Salt Lake City's unique physical location. Although the city itself is spread across a broad valley floor, it's surrounded by rugged mountain ranges, whose peaks remain snowcapped for much of the year. That means it's stunning to look at, but more importantly, it means skiing -- central to any Winter Olympics.


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