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Clara Hughes among new members of Order of Canada
With a bright smile and tears streaming down her face, she was recognized for the humanitarian work she’s done for Right to Play, an organization that brings sport to children in developing countries. April 8, 2010

New records, new heroes and a new era for the Paralympics
These were the Games that may have changed Canada, with an unprecedented outpouring of national pride and unparalleled Olympic success. But the glow didn't stop when the puck fired by Sidney Crosby found the back of the American net on that memorable Sunday three weeks ago. Lauren Woolstencroft, and Viviane Forest are the country's new athletic heroes, emulating the nation's Olympians by leading Canada to a record harvest of winter gold at the Paralympics, as well. March 21, 2010

Golden Goodbye, Paralympics come to a close
The Paralympic flag has been lowered in Whistler and the flame has been extinguished, bringing to an end 10 days of competition which saw Canada set new standards when it comes to medals won and the promotion of the Paralympic movement. In declaring the Paralympic Games closed, International Paralympic President Sir Philip Craven called them "the best ever" Games while noting that the medals were among the most beautiful he had seen. March 21, 2010

Woolstencroft to carry flag in closing ceremony
When Lauren Woolstencroft was a child she used to come home from school, then disappear into the basement. The little girl who was born with no legs below the knee and no left arm was teaching herself how to skip. "She was so determined even at that age to learn how to skip," remembers her mother Dorothy. March 21, 2010

Woolstencroft wins record five gold medals
Canadian skier Lauren Woolstencroft won a fifth gold medal at the 2010 Paralympic Games becoming the first ever winter paralympian to top the podium five consecutive times in a single Games. Woolstencroft, who competes in the standing category, finished the second run of the women's super combined event with a time of 2:22:67. Teammate Karolina Wisniewska secured the bronze medal. March 20, 2010

Bourgonje honoured for excellence in sport
Paralympic alpine skier Colette Bourgonje is being recognized with an award for exceptional determination at the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games closing ceremony. Bourgonje, who won two medals at the Games, will receive the Whang Youn Dai Achievement Award honouring elite athletes with a disability who demonstrate exceptional determination overcoming adversity through sport and the Paralympic Games. March 20, 2010

Cross-Country Skiing: Bourgonje wins Canada's first medal
Cross-country skier Colette Bourgonje on Sunday won Canada's first medal of the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games when she finished second in the 10km (sitting) event. The 48-year-old from Saskatoon finished in a time of 31min 49.8sec to add to the bronze she collected over the same distance in Torino in 2006. It was her ninth Paralympic medal having won five winter medals as well as four at the summer Games. March 14, 2010

A Budget for a Golden Year
Today's budget put a golden financial glow on a memorable week for sport in Canada. The budget has demonstrated a level of support previously unseen by our federal government. Kudos to the many sport leaders and citizens - and our exceptional athletes and coaches - who collaborated in bringing these valuable sport proposals to government and for demonstrating what sport can do when we work together. March 4th, 2010

A scandal of minuscule proportions
It was their Olympic Moment - and, in an accidental way, mine. Never for a moment of any kind - Olympic or professional - did I think of it as a story other than a charming and endearing tale. Perhaps I should resign in disgrace from the profession of journalism. As it happened, I was one of the very few actual witnesses to the postgame, on-ice celebration by the Canadian women's hockey team last Thursday. You will know it as the "booze and cigars" scandal that shook the Canadian Olympic moment to the very core. March 1, 2010

Vancouver bids a reluctant farewell
Two weeks ago, Vancouver was the scene of nervous anticipation, a mixture of the possible and the unknowable. Yesterday, this city, if not the entire country, seemed suddenly transformed: confident, unabashedly proud, revelling in the certainty of achievement. Last night's closing ceremonies were about more than a glitzy gala, and the chance to celebrate Canadian athletes' record medal haul. February 28, 2010

Joannie Rochette to carry flag at Olympic closing ceremonies
This wasn’t the Olympic story that Joannie Rochette wanted to write. But if there can be a fitting end to a bittersweet Games for the 24-year-old figure skater from Ile-Dupas, Que., carrying Canada’s flag into the closing ceremonies of the Vancouver Games is it — the perfect tribute to a courageous athlete who has lifted so many. February 28, 2010

Canadians Support Increased Public Investment In Own The Podium Initiatives For Our Athletes
3 out of 4 Canadians feel that the Own the Podium initiative was worthwhile despite not placing #1 in total medal count
As the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games come to a close, a poll conducted by Angus Reid on behalf of the Sport Matters Group indicates that a very strong majority of Canadians (72%) support an increased public investment of $22 million for a program like Own the Podium. February 27, 2010

Canadians are proud of athletes who 'play like girls'
So far Canada's women have dominated the medal count at the 2010 Winter Games. This sort of excellence, particularly as it is in the media spotlight, will encourage more girls to get involved in sports. Athletes like Clara Hughes have inspired more than one young woman with her medal winning performances in both the Summer and Winter Olympics. Now we have a whole new generation of outstanding women athletes to be role models for young women and girls. February 26, 2010

Own the podium? Canada's women still might
As I watched Canada's spectacular medal haul Wednesday -- one gold, two silvers and one bronze, the most yet in a single day -- I was struck by something else: all four medals were won by women. Indeed, it made me think that most of the Canadian athletes I've seen up on the podium so far have been female athletes, a quick look at our medal count shows I'm not wrong: 11 of our 15 medals have been won by women. February 24, 2010

Canadian women lead the charge
In less than four hours on Wednesday, Day 13 of the 2010 Winter Games, Canadian athletes celebrated their first multi-medal day in Vancouver as female athletes used their long blades on two separate speedskating ovals and an icy serpentine bobsled track to secure one gold, two silver and one bronze. February 25, 2010

In Praise of Female Athletes Who Were Told No
"Surely, it was said, the Saskatoon Lily would become a movie star, but Catherwood was an athlete. She said she would rather gulp poison than try her hand at motion pictures. She won gold in the high jump and remains the only Canadian woman to win a solo gold in track and field. " A poem by Brad Cran, Poet Laureate of Vancouver
More female athletes than any Canadian Winter Olympic team
The 2010 Canadian Olympic team has more female athletes than have ever been on a Canadian Winter Olympic team. In 1988 in Calgary, Canada sent 112 athletes and only 30 of them were females. At Turin, there were 191 Canadian athletes, 108 males and 83 females. But of the 206 Canadian athletes who march into the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver there are 116 men and 90 women.
Olympic leaders on CAAWS Most Influential Women List.
Betty Dermer-Norris, who is the Director of Team Operations for the Canadian Olympic Committee, Nathalie Lambert, the Chef de Mission for the 2010 Games, Jagoda Pike who headed up Toronto’s successful 2015 Pan Am Games bid, Dr. Kimberly Amirault, the Sport Psychology Lead for the 2010 Canadian Olympic Team are among the 20 women on the 2009 List.

Gender Testing Hangs Before the Games as a Muddled and Vexing Mess
At closed meetings in Miami on Sunday and Monday, medical specialists and representatives of the International Olympic Committee will tackle one of the most vexing questions in sports: What test should be used to determine whether an athlete competes as a man or a woman? Or should there be any official testing at all? January 15, 2010

CAAWS disappointed at decision on Women’s Ski Jumping in the 2010 Winter Olympics
“While we were hopeful that the BC Supreme Court would rule in favour of the ski jumpers, we knew it was going to be a difficult decision. It’s disappointing that in this day and age we are still fighting this battle in Canada, where we have such a strong reputation for gender equity,” said CAAWS chair, Nicole Smith of New Maryland, New Brunswick.

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