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Sport & Development International Bulletin
This month's Sport & Development International Bulletin touches on criticisms about the lack of media coverage for the Paralympic Games, and the fact that media emphasis is all-too-often be centred on the athletes' disabilities rather than on their athletic abilities and achievements. This edition also considers the Games as a means to educate the global community.- September 2004
Katie Vermeulen

Nude shoot for Playboy defended by Vermeulen
Runner braces herself for fallout expected from next month's issue Katie Vermeulen knows she will create a stir when the August issue of Playboy hits the newsstands. - July 12, 2004

COC expecting to win up to 18 medals at Athens Games
With only a week to go for athletes to lock up spots for next month's Athens Games, the Canadian Olympic Committee is cautiously optimistic for an improved medal haul. - July 04, 2004
Clara Hughes
Where's the vote of confidence for the importance of sport?
At a time when physical education is being dropped from curricula at schools, or scaled down to a token amount, I wonder if they have any idea what potential sport holds for developing strong, healthy individuals and, in turn, a whole generation of productive citizens. - June 30, 2004

IOC opens door to the trans-gendered
Trans-gendered athletes have been given the green light to compete at the 2004 Olympics this summer in Athens. - May 18, 2004
Karin Lofstrom
Karin Lofstrom
National body promotes gender equity
The Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport has been working since 1981 to achieve gender equity in the sport community and has been instrumental in recognizing women’s needs and successes. - January 31, 2004
athens olympics
Gender Testing is Passé
A woman will not have to prove she is a woman to compete in the Athens Olympic Games this summer. Responding to the growing number of concerns, the IOC finally decided to take action. - CAAWS 2000

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