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Canadian medallists 1928 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Fanny "Bobbie" Rosenfeld
gold, silver - Athletics - 100m

Ethel Smith
gold, bronze - Athletics - 100m

Ethel Catherwood
gold - Athletics - High Jump

Women's 4X100m Relay
Florence Bell, Myrtle Cook, Fanny Rosenfeld, Ethel Smith
gold - Athletics

Canadian medallists 1932 - Los Angeles, USA

Hilda Strike
2 silver - Athletics - 100m

Eva Dawes
High Jump

Women's 4X100m Relay
Mary Frizzell, Mildred Frizzell, Lillian Palmer, Hilda Strike

Canadian medallists 1936 - Berlin, Germany

Betty Taylor
bronze - Athletics - 80 yd Hurdles

Women's 4X100m relay team
Dorothy Brookshaw, Hilda Cameron, Jeanette Dolson, Aileen Meagher
bronze - Athletics

Canadian medallists 1948 - London, England

Women's 4X100m relay team
Dianne Foster, Patricia Jones, Nancy Mackay, Viola Myers
bronze - Athletics

Canadian medallists 1956 - Melbourne, Australia

Irene MacDonald
bronze - Diving - 3m

Canadian medallists 1968 - Mexico City, Mexico

Elaine Tanner
2 silver, bronze - Swimming - 100m Backstroke, 200m Backstroke

4x100m Freestyle Relay
Angela Coughlan, Marilyn Corson, Marion Lay, Elaine Tanner
bronze - Swimming

Canadian medallists 1972 - Munich, West Germany

Leslie Cliff
silver - Swimming - 400m Individual Medley

Donna Gurr
bronze - Swimming - 200m Backstroke

Canadian medallists 1976 - Montreal, Canada

Cheryl Gibson
silver - Swimming - 400m Individual Medley

Nancy Garapick
2 bronze - Swimming - 100m Backstroke, 200m Backstroke

Shannon Smith
bronze - 400m Freestyle

Becky Smith
bronze - 400m Individual Medley

4x 100m Freestyle
bronze - Gail Amundrud, Barbara Clark, Anne Jardin, Becky Smith

4x 100m Medley Relay
bronze - Robin Corsiglia, Wendy Hogg, Anne Jardin, Susan Sloan --

Canadian medallists 1984 - Los Angeles, USA

Anne Ottenbrite
gold, silver, bronze - Swimming

Sylvie Bernier
gold - Diving

Lori Fung
gold - Rhythmic Gymnastics

Linda Thom
gold - Shooting

Silver - Angela Bailey, France Gareau, Marita Payne, Angella Taylor

Silver - Charmaine Crooks, Molly Killingbeck, Marita Payne, Jillian Richardson

Alexandra Barré, Sue Holloway
Sivler - Canoeing — K-2 500m

Coxed fours - Rowing
Sivler - Barbara Armbrust, Marilyn Brain, Angella Schneider, Lesley Thompson, Jane Tregunno

Coxless pairs - Rowing
Silver - Betty Craig, Tricia Smith

Sharon Hambrook, Kelly Kryczka—Duet
Silver - Synchronized Swimming

Carolyn Waldo—Solo
Silver - Synchronized Swimming

Lynn Williams
bronze - 3000m

Canoeing - K-4 500m
bronze - Alexandra Barré, Lucie Guay, Sue Holloway, Barb Olmsted

Daniele Laumann, Silken Laumann
bronze - Rowing - Double sculls

4x100m Medley Relay
bronze - Rema Abdo, Michelle McPherson, Anne Ottenbrite, Pamela Rai

Canadian medallists 1988 - Seoul, South Korea

Carolyn Waldo
2 gold - Synchronized Swimming

Michelle Cameron
gold - Synchronized Swimming

Women's 4X100m medley relay
Lori Melien, Allison Higson, Jane Kerr, Andrea Nugent
bronze - Swimming

Equestrian-Team Dressage
bronze - Cynthia Ishoy, Eva Maria Pracht, Gina Smith, Ashley Nicoll

Canadian medallists 1992 - Barcelona, Spain

Kathleen Heddle and Marnie McBean
2 gold - Rowing

Women's Fours Crew
Kirsten Barnes, Jessica Monroe, Brenda Taylor, Kay Worthington—Coxless fours
gold - Rowing

Women's Eights Crew
Kirsten Barnes, Shannon Crawford, Megan Delehanty, Kathleen Heddle, Marnie McBean, Jessica Monroe, Brenda Taylor, Lesley Thompson, Kay Worthington—Coxed eight
gold - Rowing

Penny and Vicky Vilagos
silver - Synchronized Swimming

Sylvie Fréchette—Solo
gold - Synchronized swimming

Angela Chalmers
bronze - athletics - 3000m

Silken Laumann
bronze - Rowing - Single Sculls

Canadian medallists 1996 - Atlanta, USA

Kathleen Heddle and Marnie McBean
gold - Rowing

Caroline Brunet
silver - Canoe-Kayak

Silken Laumann
silver - Rowing

Rowing - Eights with coxswain
Alison Korn, Theresa Luke, Heather McDermid, Maria Maunder, Jessica Monroe, Emma Robinson, Tosha Tsang, Anna Van der Kamp, Lesley Thompson

Marianne Limpert
silver - Swimming - 200m Individual Medley

Alison Sydor
silver - Cycling

Women's Team
Lisa Alexander, Janice Bremner, Karen Clark, Karen Fonteyne, Sylvie Fréchette, Valérie Hould-Marchand, Kasia Kulesza, Christine Larsen, Cari Read, Erin Woodley
silver - Synchronized Swimming

Clara Hughes
2 bronze - Cycling

Annie Pelletier
bronze - Diving - 3m

Rowing—Quad Sculls
bronze - Kathleen Heddle, Marnie McBean, Laryssa Biesenthal, Diane O’Grady


Canadian medallists 2000 - Sydney, Australia

Anne Montminy
silver, bronze - Diving

Caroline Brunet
silver - Canoe-Kayak

Emilie Heymans
silver - Diving

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