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Inspirational females leading the way with 14 of Canada's 19 Olympic medals
"If I can inspire one kid with what I've accomplished to become an athlete, to love sport, to participate in sport, then I've done something important," said Crawford, 22, who was on no one's radar before winning gold. "I was in awe of Myriam Bedard when she won her golds in biathlon (in 1994). I was 10 years old. I wanted to be like her." - February 23, 2006

ISF says ski jumping too dangerous for women!
The International Ski Federation has ruled that ski jumping is too dangerous for women, making it the only winter Olympic sport that has male competitors and no female counterparts. But female ski jumpers disagree...- February 16, 2006

Flag-bearer breaks gender barrier
Yang Yang A, China's first-ever gold medallist in a Winter Olympics, was the nation's first female flag-bearer Friday in Turin. - February 10, 2006

A Firsthand Look at the Growing Game of Female Hockey
Vicky Sunohara is the only current member of the National Women’s Team who can tell you first hand how women’s international hockey has been transformed since the arrival of the World Women’s Championship in 1990. . - February 12, 2006

Canada’s Women Olympic Coaches Head for Turin with Medals in Sight
Ten of Canada's most successful women coaches are heading to the 2006 Olympic Winter Games with responsibility for many top medal prospects. - February 8, 2006

CAAWS Communication Consultant is press Chief for Turin Figure Skating
The award-winning communications specialist, Barb MacDonald has been appointed to the select group of 14 venue press chiefs, dealing with media relations at assorted locations for each sport. - February 6, 2006

Women's Participation in the Olympics from ATLANTA 1996 to ATHENS 2004
Women represented 40.7% of all participating athletes in 1996 (+2.5% compared to 2000). Find out more about new disciplines added to the Olympics and women's participation from 1996-2004.

Women's Representation in the Olympic Movement
In 1997, as part of its Women and Sport policy, the IOC established targets for women’s membership of NOC Executive Committees. These were for women to hold at least 10% of executive decision-making positions in NOCs by Dec 2001 rising to at least 20% by Dec 2005.

IOC approves more women athletes for 2008
The International Olympic Committee executive board approved new quotas Sunday for the 2008 Beijing Games, bringing the organization closer to reaching its goal of gender equity. - February 6, 2006

Sarah Burke: driving force for equity in Winter's X Games
Canadian Sarah Burke is pushing limits in the halfpipe and out, as one of the driving forces behind women's freestyle skiing's inclusion and equity in the Winter X Games. - January 26, 2006

Olympic Gold Medallist Beckie Scott Canada's Nominee for IOC Athletes' Commission
2002 Olympic gold medallist Beckie Scott (cross-country skiing, Vermilion, Alta.) will be Canada's nominee for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Athletes' Commission, the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) announced today. - July 2005.
The travail of Olympic moms
The Olympic spotlight shines on plucky prodigies, hard-luck heroes, long-shot dark horses, and swan-song athletes. But consider the parent-Olympian who perspires by day and potty-trains by night. - January 4, 2006


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