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June 19, 2008

Perdita Felicien, Sylvie Bigras lend their voices to anti-doping message

Ottawa, ON - The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) and the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) have collaborated to provide all Beijing-bound athletes and their support personnel with anti-doping information specific to the upcoming Olympic Games. The message comes in the form of a ten-minute audiocast, for streaming or download from the web.

Perdita Felicien, two-time Olympic hurdler, delivers the message to Olympic hopefuls in English, with the French voiced by the Canadian mission Press Chief, Sylvie Bigras.

This audiocast forms part of the CCES’ pre-games program, which includes doping control for all potential athletes, and education for athletes and their support personnel. Felicien and Bigras give a quick overview of the IOC anti-doping rules for the Beijing Olympics, as well as specific information on what athletes need to do to avoid a doping violation at the games.

“The CCES and the COC want to ensure that Team Canada has the tools it needs to pursue podium performances,” said Paul Melia, President and CEO of the CCES. “We think that understanding doping control is an important aspect of preparing to compete clean and win in Beijing.”

Team Canada’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Robert McCormack, supports the program, “The COC encourages all potential 2008 Olympic athletes to download and listen to the audiocast. It’s a simple way for athletes to get a grasp of the expectations, rules and responsibilities for the games.”

To download the audiocast, go to


About CCES: The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport is a Canadian independent, national, non-profit organization, whose mission is to foster ethical sport for all Canadians. This is carried out through research, promotion, education, detection and deterrence, as well as through programs and partnerships with other organizations.

About COC: The Canadian Olympic Committee is a national, private, not-for-profit organization committed to sport excellence. It is responsible for all aspects of Canada's involvement in the Olympic movement, including Canada's participation in the Olympic and Pan American Games and a wide variety of programs that promote the Olympic Movement in Canada through cultural and educational means.

Rosemary Pitfield, Director of Communications, CCES, at (613) 521-3340 x3236 or by email at

Steve Keogh, Director, Communications, COC, at (416) 324-4146 or by email at



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