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Profiles: Coaches, Officials, Leaders

Cycling President of the Commissaires' Panel Loya Ma
Diving Judge Nancy Brawley
Equestrian member of Ground Jury (Jumping) Kim Morrison
Field Hockey Assistant Technical Delegate Janet Ellis
Field Hockey Judge Paula Parks
Field Hockey Umpire Wendy Stewart
Football (soccer) Assistant Referee Marie-Josée Charbonneau
Football (soccer) Referee Carol Anne Chénard
Gymnastics Judge Hélèn Laliberté
Rowing FISA Fairness Committee Tricia Smith
Sailing International Technical Official (Audrey) Lynne Beal
Swimming on deck official Louise Leblanc
Synchronized Swimming Technical Synchronised Swimming Committee Heather Archer
Synchronized Swimming Judge Diane van der Pol
Triathlon Co-Technical Delegate Leslie Buchanan
Water Polo Referee Marie Claude Deslieres
Para-cycling ICU commissaire Josée Bédard
Archery Coach Joan McDonald
Athletics Coach Molly Killingbeck
Athletics Coach Carla Nicholls
Basketball Coach Allison McNeill
Basketball Coach Lisa Thomaidis
Cycling - Road Coach Denise Kelly
Cycling - Track Coach Tanya Dubnicoff
Diving Coach Yihua Li
Goalball Head Coach Janice Dawson
Gymnastics - Artistic Coach Elena Davydova
Gymnastics - Artistic Coach Kayna Fletcher
Gymnastics - Artistic Coach Elvira Saadi
Gymnastics - Rhythmic Coach Svetlana Joukova
Gymnastics - Rhythmic Coach Zdravka Tchonkova
Judo Coach Marie-Hélène Chrisholm
Rowing Coach Allison Dobb
Shooting Coach Cindy Hamulas
Synchronized Swimming Coach Meng Chen
Synchronized Swimming Coach Anastassia Goutseva
Synchronized Swimming Coach Julie Sauvé



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Kristin Carpenter, Venue Operations Manager, Horse Guards Parade
Kendra Isaak, Arena Manager, ExCeL
Kelly Stefanyshyn, Venue Operations Manager, Common Domain Olympic Park
Brigitte Legare, Synchronised Swimming Technical Operations Manager
Stephanie Jones, Venue Operations Manager, The Mall
Lauren van Oosten, Operational Readiness Manager
Brittney Collins, Workforce Operations Cluster Manager
Sarah Sharp, Co-ordinator Olympic & Paralympic Family Volunteers
Brooke Arthur, Ticketing Venue Operations
Lisa Kwiatkowski, Manager, Operations Communication
Katy Dunnet, Readiness Testing and Exercising
Jane Park, Venue Operations Manager – ExCeL
Moira Lassen, Weightlifting & Powerlifting Technical Officials Group Leader